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Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Capacities of MoT IPA and End-Recipients

*Lastly updated on 13.07.2020.

The aim of this project is to strengthen institutional capacity with a view to monitoring, evaluating and implementing the priorities and measures of the Transport Operational Programme in harmony with EU legislation by using the European Union financial assistance provided in the transportation sector. Consequently, the project has as its objective the development of the technical and human resource capacity required by the Department of EU Investments, organised within the body of the Directorate General of Foreign Relations and EU Affairs and to compensate its experience deficiency in the management of EU funds.

Beneficiary Institution: Directorate of European Union Investments

Contractor Company: SWECO A.S, Sweco Mühendislik Müşavirlik ve Tasarım Ltd. Şti., GOPA Consultants, IRD Engineering Consortium

Date of the Contract: 20.10.2011

Duration of the Work: 58 Months

Starting Date of Work: 15.11.2011

Completion Date of Work According to the Contract: 15.09.2016

Project Budget7,5 M €