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National Transport Master Plan for the Republic of Turkey

*Lastly updated on 13.07.2020

Project Scope: Up to date and legal, administrative, technical, physical and manpower infrastructure required for the establishment of a safe, fast, effective and technological transportation system that is compatible with economic and social expectations, integrated with geo-strategic location and international transportation corridors. A Transport Master Plan was prepared, containing forward-looking database and projects.

Beneficiary Institution: Department of Strategy Development

Contractor Company: EGIS International, Panteia, Atkins, WYG Turkey, Armada and Systema Consortium

Date of the Contract: 14.10.2015

Duration of the Work: 25 Months

Starting Date of Work: 15.10.2015

Completion Date of Work According to the Contract: 15.12.2017

Project Budget7,5 M€