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Thrace Regional Governorships were Visited as part of the “USOPontheway” Mobile Promotional Campaign

Publicity and visibility activities for the Construction of the Çerkezköy - Kapıkule Section of Halkalı - Kapıkule Railway Line Project (ÇEKA) will continue with the "USOP On the Roads" mobile promotional and visibility campaign. The campaign will be carried out with a multi-functional vehicle specially designed for the USOP. The campaign will start with the flagship of USOP ÇEKA project  from the Thrace region and will continue for approximately 24 months.

The publicity and visibility team had previously carried out on the spot analysis in three provinces in the region: Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ, in order to determine possible places where activities can be carried out for the mobile promotional and visibility campaign, and held a series of meetings to design the content of the campaign. As a result of these analysis and meetings, the “USOP Mobile Promotional and Visibility Campaign” has been created and a publicity booklet has been prepared.

The delegation headed by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Head of the European Union Investments Department, Mr. Nedim Yeşil  visited the Governors in their offices in three provinces and exchanged views on the activities planned to be carried out within the scope of the campaign. With the support of our esteemed Governors, the mobile publicity and visibility campaign will start from Edirne in August this year.

Within the scope of the campaign, the purpose of the USOP, what it does, and which important works the Republic of Turkey has carried out with the EU so far will be explained in the visited regions. In this way, it is aimed that “USOP on the way” will meet with the citizens one-to-one and inform them about the projects carried out and raise awareness.