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Table Tennis Tournament at Construction Camp of Halkalı - Kapıkule Railway Çerkezköy - Kapıkule Section Project

A table tennis tournament was organized in order to increase the morale and motivation of the employees and to improve their social and sportive aspects at Lüleburgaz camp with the participation of the employees in the Çerkezköy - Kapıkule section of the Halkalı - Kapıkule Railway Project.  22 employees have participated to the tournament. The tournament started on 30th of  June and ended on 9th of July. Employees from TCDD, Engineer and Contractor participated to the tournament. The winner of the tournament was Hüseyin Ablak who is working as the site chief of Contractor, 2. Hasan Çelik, 3. Ali Çanga. While the first place was given the national team jersey, shoes and plaque, the second and third place were given shoes.