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Rare Fox Species Vulpes Vulpes and Jackal Species Canis Aureus Were Found in ÇE-KA Project Monitoring Studies!

During the biodiversity monitoring studies within the scope of the Çerkezköy-Kapıkule Section Construction Project of Halkalı-Kapıkule Railway Line, two active fox nests were identified near the railway and the presence of red fox (vulpes vulpes) in the nests was recorded. Coyote (Golden Jackal, Canis aureus) species were also found in the same monitoring studies.

Camera trap images within the monitoring studies were detected between autumn 2021 and March 2022. These species are considered at the top of the food chain and have the characteristic of an indicator species for a healthy ecosystem. In addition, both species are under national protection priority. For this reason, regular monitoring and protection studies continue in order to eliminate possible threats in the project and/or external project area, if any.

Within the scope of our project, which won praise and awards for its activities on biodiversity and ecosystem protection, extremely rare red fox and jackal species were encountered, and studies were reviewed, and urgent arrangements were made to ensure the safety of the species. 

Measures were taken to ensure that the sound and noise level of the works less than 250 meters away from the nests should be less than 60 decibels during the day and less than 55 decibels at night, against the possible disturbance and threat of habitat loss due to noise.

The location information and photos of the nests of the species are kept confidential for security and protection purposes.