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Railway Sector Stakeholders Met at the Steering Committee Meeting held within the scope of the Technical Assistance Project

The 3rd Steering Committee meeting was held on 29/06/2021 within the scope of the "Technical Assistance Project for Supporting the Railway Safety and Regulatory Functions of DGRTS", of which the General Directorate of Transport Services Regulation (DGRTS) is the Final Beneficiary and the EUID is Contracting Authority. Industry stakeholders took part in the meeting where high participation was achieved. At the meeting where the activities completed within the scope of the project were introduced, the studies for the Railway Framework Law were shared with the participants. Team Leadership Mr. The project team made by Tibet Seyhan received opinions from stakeholders for the draft railway law. The project team, led by Mr. Tibet Seyhan, received opinions from stakeholders for the draft railway law.

Mr. Tibet Seyhan, the Team Leader of the project, shared the activities, outputs and trainings defined in the project components with the participants. The plans for the delivery of activities, working groups, study visits and meetings that will require physical participation in the coming periods of the project, were also shared. Project experts, Mr. Nejat Doğan, Ms. Tuna Uzunyol and Ms. Işık Kocaman showed a presentation on the specific activities of the project.

The meeting was attended by a vast number of representatives from both the public and private railway sector in the following Q and A session of the meeting. The comments made by the attendees were noted by the project team.

A recurring comment by the participants was that the project activities would support the regulatory framework which will provide a structure for the investments currently being made in Turkey, that will affect the railway sector.