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Practical Training Programme on Horizon Europe Held in Ankara!

Practical Training Programme on Horizon Europe was delivered in Ankara on April 29th, 2022, by the trainers Ms. Gamze Kozanoğlu and Ms. Pınar Demirekler Burat. The main subjects of the training, which contained a comprehensive content, were identified as follows:

<  HEurope Program: general framework and basic rules

<  Call follow-up and creation of the project idea

<  Cluster 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility

<  Practice: call documents, title

<  Establishment of consortium, opportunities to become partners

<  Practice: Researching similar projects

<  Project application process

<  Evaluation process

<  Project Management: administrative and financial issues

10 staff from the Department of EU Investments of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure participated into the training which took one full day. The training, in which detailed information about the structure of Horizon Europe and all subjects within this framework were studied, was completed with a discussion and question and answer session.