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The Directorate of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Research Centre’s First Study Visit has been successfully completed in the Netherlands

The Directorate of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Research Centre (DoTMC) of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure’s  first study visit of its Project carried out under Sectoral Operational Programme for Transport (USOP) “Enhancement of Institutional and Administrative Capacity of Directorate of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Research Centre,” has been completed in the Netherlands with successful outcomes, which was conducted between 29 November and 3 December 2021.

Within the visit program, meetings were held with the host organizations operating in different sub-sectors of the transport sector in the Netherlands in order to learn best practices and to raise mutual awareness, and also cooperation opportunities were discussed.

In the study, which started with a visit to the Turkish Embassy in The Hague, the delegation informed Ambassador Mr. Şaban Dişli about the purpose of the study visit, information about the host institutions and the objectives to be achieved within the project's scope. Transport related studies in both of the countries were discussed.

The delegation met with Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG) officials on the second day of the study visit. The regional position of the Netherlands in the aerospace and airport industry, its place in the supply chain, R&D related studies, and international activities were explained in the presentation made by NAG,  the trade association formed by more than 100 Dutch organizations operating in aircraft maintenance, aircraft manufacturing, airport development, infrastructure, and all related services in the aviation sector.

On 1 December 2021, the delegation met with GoodFuels and Netherlands Coast Guard officials. In the meeting held with GoodFuels, working on transition to sustainability-oriented environmental models in the field of transportation, the steps that can be taken to expand the use of biofuels in the field of transportation and increase their sustainability, and accelerate the transition to biofuels in the world and in Turkey were discussed. On the other hand, knowledge and experience on R & D activities related to maritime security were shared with the Netherlands Coast Guard.

On the fourth day of the study visit, UDHAM officials met with the Damen Shipyard Group representatives working in the field of shipyards. At the meeting, adding sustainability to standardization in shipbuilding, ship design, construction and repair services, different ship models designed in the areas of defence, travel, fishing, coastal security and yachting were introduced.

The last meeting held on 3 December 2021 was with ETA Shipping representatives working in maritime transport. In the presentation made by the company officials, the characteristics of ETA Shipping's ships, R&D related studies on data collection and application for more effective use of maritime transport in the transportation chain, and increasing efficiency while reducing energy consumption were introduced.

With this last meeting, the delegation's study visit to the Netherlands ended with five days of productive discussions with institutions and organizations operating in different transport sectors on best practices and cooperation opportunities.

As a result of the study visit, the delegation returned to Turkey to apply their knowledge and experience within the scope of the project, on the similarities between the Netherlands and Turkey in transport modes and good practices, increasing sustainability and efficiency in transport by reducing harmful emissions, and R&D studies in aviation and maritime transport.