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Analysis of the Transport Legislation of Turkey in the Process of Harmonisation with the EU Acquis

Scope of the Work

Harmonizing the legislation for the implementation of the acquis” under the 4th Action of the Sectoral Operational Programme for Transport which is the “Harmonization with the Acquis and European Union (EU) Integration.

Beneficiary Institution : Directorate General for EU Aairs and Foreign Relations

Contractor Company   :  Hulla & CO Human Dynamics GmbH & CO KG, NETİ Danışmanlık Ltd.Şti and IPCEU Uluslararası Proje Danışmanlığı A.Ş. Consortium

Date of the Contract     : 18.06.2021

Starting Date of Work  : 13.09.2021

Completion Date of Work : 13.12.2023

Project Budget : 3.023.820 €